Keeping a schedule? Not really

So as much as we try to keep our little one on a schedule, it just doesn’t happen. Our little one must not be into planning and prefers spur of the moment.

At one and a half years old, we feed her in the morning which isn’t an issue. It the rest of the day that is the issue. We try to put her down for her nap around 12 and 1. Problem is it seems she ramps up immediately and becomes a ball of energy. Meanwhile she gave all the sleep cues prior, rubbing eyes, yawning etc….

Today she started giving these cues starting around 11am. So I gave her some lunch so she wouldn’t go to sleep hungry which seems to help her nap longer.

Well after she ate she started with stronger sleep cues. Went to put her down at noon but she made it known it wasn’t happening. So I decided to let her stay up a little longer.

Long story short, a little longer was two hours when she finally went to sleep at 2pm. I’m not a fan of her going to sleep at two since it seems to set up a struggle to go to bed at night.

I do try to figure out what I did that was successful the day before. Knowing she went down at noon the day prior with no struggle it has to be something I did. Or at least I think it is something I did at times.

When you read all these parenting books, it just seems so easy. Set up a schedule and stick to it. In reality it doesn’t always work out like that.

At the end of the day, she usually sleeps well when she does sleep and it very active when she is awake. She picks up on things and is very smart and healthy. So should I be concerned that we don’t have a firm schedule? Maybe, but in all honesty, I am not unless told otherwise. She’s a good baby and that’s all I can ask for.

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