One week without her bottle

Today marks officially one week since we took our little ones bottles away. Apparently with it we also took away her milk as she refuses to drink from anything but. As mentioned in our previous post, she will drink everything else out of her cups, just not milk.

It has been frustrating and at times in the first few days we were worried if this would affect her negatively. Worried even though our doctor told us she may go a little while without it but will come back to it.

After a few days we realized that without milk, her appetite for regular food has been great. Since she started beating solids she has been a picker and didn’t seem to eat much. Now it feels like she is eating full meals. This morning she had almost four full size homemade waffles along with a side of dry Cheerios. When she drank her bottles she would have one to two of these waffles, two on a good day.

So we are pleased with her appetite for regular food now but still feel like she needs her whole milk. The answer to that seems to be smoothies. We give her one a day and she finishes drinking it in five minutes.

Our smoothies consist of whole milk, low fat Greek yogurt, mixed frozen fruit, flax seed and chia seed. She has really taken to this combination and we don’t mind the idea. We do think about the natural sugar intake but in reality, we are not loading it up with fruit.

Our thought is in the next few days we slowly start decreasing all the ingredients until she is back to whole milk on its own. We will track our progress and check back in with the results.

What is or was your experience getting the little one off their bottle? We would love to hear and learn from others. Feel free to comment and share.

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