Day 5: No Bottle No Milk

Well here we are on day 5 of no bottle for the little one. She is either extremely stubborn or was never really into milk to begin with.

We have given her milk in everything imaginable at this point besides a bottle. She just refuses everything.

What we have been doing is making smoothies with fruit and milk which she will drink. This is fine to ensure she is getting her dairy. Not so great because of the natural sugars she is taking in from the fruit.

This morning I decided to take some milk and ice and put it in the blender with some flavored oat based creamer. Figured this would make it taste like iced cream. Can’t figure out why but she won’t even try it.

At this point we refuse to put a bottle back in play. We just need to ensure her dairy intake is at a decent level. More cheeses, yogurts etc…

On a positive note, she is definitely eating more table food which we can not complain about. Maybe we are making too big of a deal over her refusal to drink milk. Especially since she seems to be eating well otherwise.

We are going to continue not giving her a bottle and see if she changes up but I’m losing hope. Every other website and blog said it would take about 3 days for them to start drinking milk from their cups. Like I said, day 5 here and no change in site.

What is most frustrating is the amount of milk being wasted. We leave it out hoping she will start drinking but just will not. Something has to give.

Moral of the story. Don’t believe all the hype you read in books and on the web. Every child is different and will not respond the same as another child. These books and sites make everything seem simple and for some they may help. So far in our experience, a lot of what we read was tossed out the window. What has worked best for us is our instinct. Not always perfect but works for us.

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