A week and a half, no bottle, no milk

So today is almost a week and half since we took the bottle away from our little one. Cold turkey was our only option because weaning just wasn’t working. Not even sure if the cold turkey method is working.

Since taking it away, she continues to refuse milk in anything and everything we give her. She is a stubborn little one which is a trait of both mom and dad so look out world.

We continue making smoothies with milk which she has been loving. Like we said previously, it’s not ideal as there is natural sugars in the frozen fruit we use. We try not to use much, just enough to give her the idea that she is drinking something besides milk.

We have been trying to reduce the amount of fruit this week. She seems to realize it’s milk and puts it down after a sip. It truly is frustrating.

At the end of the day, her appetite has been better with regular food so that’s a plus. And it’s really nice not having to clean bottle and nipples. Even though some of the cups we use have straws, they seem a bit easier to clean. That can all be in our head trying to make excuses as to why to taking the bottle away was good.

As we continue on this journey we hope she realizes she likes milk and remembers that soon. Until then, the week and a half really has not been bad at all. We just need to figure out why she will drink everything from her cups except milk.

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