Adding a little flare

Not sure about you but something about flare pants on our little girl we feel like it ups her style game.

Just thought we would share this outfit which runs for around $10 for the complete set on Amazon. We are including the link below as part of the Amazon affiliate program which we may or may not receive commission on.

FYI: shipping on this particular outfit is long but Amazon has others to choose from. We liked this one based on the price and find the quality to be very good.

If shipping time is an issue, Amazon does a great job recommending similar outfits under this one so feel free to check them out.

Feeling stylish in her flare pants.

3Pcs Toddler Baby Girl Ribbed Outfit Long Seeve Romper + Floral Printed Bell Bottom Pants Set for Newborn

A Boost to Our Gardening Ego

After much consideration and lot’s of talk, we decided to go all in.  As mentioned in previous posts, we are doing away with our landscaper and going to take on the task on our own.

Why are we getting rid of our landscaper?  Two reasons.  First, it will save us money over time.  Secondly, we have full control over what we put into our land and can be sure to avoid having harmful products applied to our lawn and garden.

We are not anti landscapers.  We loved the fact that they offered convienence and gave us more free time.  They would show up and have the property done in about 20 to 30 minutes.  We know full well that even with the two of us working on the landscaping, it will take us a bit longer in the beginning as we find our stride.

This is where our amazing purchase comes in to play.  After much research as well as knowing we didn’t want to use gas tools, we went all in and purchased an all electric lawnmower, weed whacker and blower.  We went with the Ego Power Plus brand which we were able to pick up from Home Depot.

To be honest, we had no intent of using the items yesterday as we figured all the batteries needed to be charged up and anticipated the charge time to take a few hours.  Yes, if I read the instructions I may have realized that charge time was not that long but consider me a typical guy.

Well to our surprise, all batteries were fully charged in less than an hour at which point the wife grabbed the edger and began testing out the gear.  First and foremost, the edger was very easy to use.   She simply installed the battery, went outside and started it up.  The model we bought is carbon fiber so it was extremely light and easy to handle.

With the power the unit offered, she was able to do the property in about 15 minutes. This is pretty impressive considering we have a corner property and have more property to take care of then most of our neighbors.  Of course I took a turn with it and was amazed how light the unit was.  Compared to other weed whackers I have used in the past which were corded electric, this unit outperformed those.  Definitely had the power to get the job done along with the charge time.  Like I said, it took us about 15 minutes in which time we experienced no power loss.  I am confident that we could have done another property or two and still would have had power in the tank.

Next we broke out the self propelled lawnmower.  We had a couple of patches in the yard where the grass was high while the rest of the yard and front yard is still coming back to life after this winter.  This lawnmower handled the yard like a champ.

Comparing this unit to gas powered units, we can tell you this is extremely quiet when compared.  We had a neighbor running their gas powered mower down the block and it seemed he could be heard throughout the neighborhood.  We started our Ego mower up and noticed the difference immediately.  This is a mower you can run early in the morning and not worry about disturbing the neighbors.

As far as power goes, this unit definitely seemed to have it.  Now I can not say that I have experience with mowers as I am from Brooklyn and the wife is from Queens.  Landscaping is not a thing where we come from so not many people we know had mowers.

With that said, I can’t compare with what other mowers do, but I can say this mower does exactly what we were hoping and more.  Everything was cut evenly and quickly with no issues.  The mower was very easy to maneuver for the most part especially considering neither me or my wife have ever used a powered mower before.

As for the blower, we have not used that yet but spoke with employees at Home Depot.  The store we go to actually use the blowers to clean the outside of the store.  Every employee we spoke to praised the Ego blower and said the power is unbelievable.  Based on my research, I read the same online and am confident in the product.  I will either update this post or write another post about the blower in the future.

Now I know what you may be thinking.  How can everything be so perfect, there has to be something wrong?

Ok, so here is our honest gripe with this product.  While we have a decent size property compared to our neighbors, we simply don’t have enough property to test the limitations of the batteries.  We ran the mower for about 45 minutes even though everything was cut well before that.  In the 45 minutes we ran it, we found no loss in power and when we placed the battery back on the charger, the charger showed about 25% power remaining.  Same with the weed whacker.  We simply didn’t have enough property to kill the battery.

So our gripe is not with the product, it is simply with the fact that while we think our property is big, it isn’t big enough to kill these batteries.

Our overall impression of the EGO products?  Outstanding.  Based on our first use, we can say that the mower and weed whacker were easy to operate and maneuver.  Running time over exceeded our expectations as we were easily able to take care of our whole property on one charge.  Would we recommend this product?  Absolutely.  We love the fact that we do not need to use gas.  This is a clean alternative not to mention that there is less maintenance needed then gas units.  We believe these are excellent tools especially for those who want to garden and landscape organically.

We are hoping to save our money this summer and pick up the Ego snow blower for next winter to compliment the items we bought yesterday.  The company definitely produces solid products and we are now fans.

Hope this review helps anyone who may be on the fence about buying any of the Ego products.  I must state, we have not been paid or compensated for our review.  This is our honest review based on experience so far.  We will update it in the future with how everything is going.  Stay tuned.  More to come.