The Bottle is History

We are around two and a half weeks without the bottle here. Our little hadn’t really complained but is still refusing to drink milk out of her cups. Everything else is out of cups or her yogurt pouches.

Still giving her smoothies as we find it is a great way to sneak the milk in without her turning it away.

Since taking her off the bottle and not drinking milk, she has been drinking a lot more water. Her appetite for regular food has also increased. These are both great things to come from this.

Maybe we are making too big of a deal out of her turning milk away. She is still getting her nutrients from yogurt, smoothies and her meals. It’s just hard to get out of our head after she spent most of her life drinking milk or formula.

Leaves us wondering if any other parents had this experience and worries when they took the bottle away from their little one.

We are getting better about it. One day at a time. Main thing is she is healthy and has not had any adverse reactions.

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