Husband and wife team who have been together since 2010, married in 2017, and had our beautiful daughter in 2020.   Both born and raised in New York.  She was representing Queens, he was raised out in Brooklyn. (thanks for that line L.L. Cool J). In our years together we have experienced some great places, great people, great events, and most of all great food all of which we plan on sharing in this blog. We also wanted to share our IVF journey and navigating our new roles as parents during this COVID 19 pandemic. You’ll find out how we are handling things such as postpartum depression, baby milestones, as well as general products we like and dislike. Overall we hope to share some stories that make us who we are. We hope to possibly help one person if not more crack a smile, because we believe it is our laughter that keeps us so strong.
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